Frequently Asked Questions about Bat Diseases

Zoonotic viruses are known to pass from one animal to another. Bats are said to have over 60 of such viruses. Also, they are carriers of other infectious viruses, parasites, and bacteria. The fact that the bat is a host does not mean that it is infected or even contagious. The following are some of the questions people ask about bat diseases.

Which Diseases Do Bats Carry?

bat diseasesBats are the main carriers of Rabies virus. Also, they can carry the SARS virus, but it is quite rare. Also, the transmission of that virus to the human is rare. Other than the zoonotic viruses, they can also cause other health issues. For instance, their droppings can grow fungi spores that become airborne and when inhaled they can cause various respiratory illness. These can be severe for elderly folks, children, and people with weak immune systems. Also, they can cause parasitic outbreaks that include bat mites, fleas, bed bugs, and lice.

What Happens When a Person Gets Rabies?

When a person has contracted rabies, they will display particular signs and they need to get to emergency rooms immediately. The signs can appear similar to common cold and flu, with symptoms such as fever and headache. As viruses progress, other signs such as rage, confusion, and dizziness. The incubation period for the rabies is about 7 days. In the past, rabies infection in humans was fatal before the vaccine was invented in the 1900s. If you get infected with rabies you can get treatment at the hospital to stop the virus from multiplying and transmitting to others.

Can Pets Get Infected?

You should note that all these parasites and illnesses can be transmitted to both pets and people. It is good to have the pet vaccinated to prevent fatalities or complications that result from a bite or wild animal attack. Some of the common pet vaccines include Rabies, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus, Bordetella, and Leptospirosis.

How Do Bats Transmit Diseases?

Common means of viral or bacterial transmission is through saliva or blood. This can happen in the form of a bat scratch or bite. If you are bitten with a bat you should seek medical help immediately. The doctor will determine whether you require emergency medical services. Also, if your pet is bitten, you should take it to a vet doctor.

Which Diseases Only Affect Bats?

Certain diseases can affect bats, but may not be transmitted to other mammals. A common disease is known as White Nose Syndrome. This disease is characterized by white fungal growth in the noses of bats.

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