A guide to an Electric Toothbrush for Kids

child using electric toothbrush

A guide to an Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Dentists recommend that children should use electric toothbrushes designed for them. An electric toothbrush is known to have a lot of benefits. It makes cleaning teeth more enjoyable and it is quite easy for the kids as it helps them develop a brushing habit. The following are some of the things you need to know about electric toothbrushes.

Kids Are Easily Scared

dental toothpaste, toothbrushSome children will take time to get used to electric toothbrushes. They buzz, vibrate, and even make strange noises. The sensation the cause inside the mouth can be quite uncomfortable. Children are quite sensitive to gagging which makes the idea of using an electric toothbrush a bit challenging.

The fact that their air passages are quite small, kids find large brush heads quite uncomfortable. Brushing gently and choosing the right-sized heads is quite important to ensure the kids enjoy using electric toothbrushes. You have to note that the goal is to make kids enjoy brushing their teeth and maintaining the standards of oral hygiene.

Kids Need Guidance

The parents have to guide their children. If you can demonstrate the appropriate way of using an electric toothbrush, the kids can mimic it and enjoy using it. Therefore, before you even plan to get your kids to start using an electric toothbrush, it is advisable for parents to use them too – just to show them that it is a good and safe thing to use.

Kids Breathe in Different Ways

Most children breathe through their nostrils. However, some breath through the mouth. In this case, they take the breath in through the mouth instead of the nose. For such kids, it is quite inconvenient to use a toothbrush. This is because it will be difficult to brush and breathe at the same time.

Go Slow on Toothpaste

electric toothbrush and toothpasteYou should note that the children do not require toothpaste for cleaning their teeth until they are at least 5 years old. Also, some kids do not like the taste of the toothpaste. For instance, some kids find toothpaste slimy and stick inside their mouths.

If you start with dry brushing, there is a likelihood that kids can enjoy the experience and even clean their teeth for recommended 2 minutes. You should note that the duration of cleaning is vital in achieving oral hygiene than even using the toothpaste. Most of the teeth cleaning comes from the brush strokes.

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