Common Types of Bike Racks

Common Types of Bike Racks

As you know, a bike rack helps free up a lot of space and makes the transportation process a lot easier. The truth is that there are different types of bike racks, and this can bring a lot of confusion as far as shopping is concerned. You should note that roof racks offer quick access to the rear trunk. Trunk racks are more affordable and lightweight. Also, they can fit a lot of vehicles. You can read this hitch bike rack topic. These are the common types of bike racks currently on the market.

Roof Mounted Bike Rack

bike rackThis is a type of metal rack that is installed on the roof of a car to hold bikes upright. It is better since it keeps the bike out of the line of vision when driving. You can even leave the rack on the top of the car when not in use. That makes it a great long-term option. However, if you are traveling in a place with low clearance, the roof rack becomes a problem. Parking garages, low hanging trees, or low bridges make it difficult to drive. They also have a risk of damage from animals, insects, debris, and weather elements when traveling.

Platform Bike Rack

This particular type is costlier and heavier but offers many benefits as compared to other designs. The fact that it has a stable design means that it eliminates the swaying problem during transport and carries a wide range of bike styles. That means it makes minimal contact with the bike to ensure it is protected. In this way, it lowers the risk of frame damage.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

This bike rack uses the car’s hitch to suspend the bike from the end of the car. There are different styles on the market that include a hanging platform that has a simple loading and unloading mechanism. That helps to avoid low clearance risks that can affect the roof rack. Also, they are more aerodynamic to make driving smoother.

hitch bike rackA hanging hitch mount costs and weighs less as compared to the platform design. It also needs additional devices to prevent the bike from swaying as you drive along. Moreover, you will require an adaptor for the bike with typical frames. You can also find models that suspend the bike from the wheels. The good thing about the hitch rack is that it can carry multiple bikes, but it is a bit expensive. Also, some designs are a bit difficult to remove from the vehicle or even mount.

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